Company: Serena Software
Contact: Michael Parker, Senior Director, Global Marketing
Location: Redwood City, CA
Industry: Software/Internet technology
Annual revenue: $270,000,000
Number of employees: 900

Quick Read:

Apparently, Facebook users want to "@#$%" themselves. In this case, "@#$%" stands for "mash it" and refers to Serena Software's Business Mashup Composer, which simplifies the process of combining data and visual elements from multiple sources into a single process-driven format.

Serena wanted to educate the marketplace, especially sales and IT professionals, about both its product and mashups in general, since the term itself was not well recognized and so hampered the company's marketing efforts. The company already knew it wanted to use video, having had previous success with the medium, and decided to try out Facebook, despite the channel's reputation for negligible results.

"We are big proponents of using video to get our message out, and we believe in viral tools and mediums to reach out to audiences," said Michael Parker, senior director of global marketing at Serena Software.

Working with video production company Brief Attention Span and social network video marketing platform provider Involver, Serena developed a video Facebook application that used non-intrusive, interactive elements and an amusing "@#$%" reference to garner the attention of business professionals networking on the site.

Within a month, Serena's Facebook video received well over 1 million views and helped escort more than 8,000 users to the company's campaign Web site, for a click-through rate of 0.72%—more than 14 times the industry average.


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