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Case Study: How a Diving Equipment Retailer Leveraged Targeted Web Site Promotions to Lift Revenue, Conversions

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Company: Divers Direct
Contact: Robert C. Darmanin, Online Services Manager
Location: Dania Beach, FL
Industry: Sporting Equipment, B2C
Annual revenue: Confidential
Number of employees: 200

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Senior management at Divers Direct, a scuba-supply outfit, weren't convinced the company needed to offer discounts to increase Web sales. A test using Sitebrand's Segment&Serve personalization platform quickly changed that perception when the offers gave rise to 83% more revenue.

"I was really surprised to see such a huge difference in the revenue from the groups that saw a Sitebrand-generated offer versus the default group that saw nothing," said Robert Darmanin, online services manager for Divers Direct.

The company tried two additional banner campaigns and used A/B testing; again, revenue increased as a result.

Divers Direct was also able to change some perceptions and behaviors among its Web site visitors—by serving up targeted content that helped increase the company's trust factor, in addition to its sales volume.

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  • by Justin P Wed Nov 12, 2008 via web

    The revenue numbers don't seem that convincing- is that per day?

  • by Kimberly Smith Wed Nov 12, 2008 via web

    It's the additional amount of revenue generated by the test groups, as compared to the control groups, during that four-week period.

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