Contact: Christian Arno, Founder and Managing Director
Location: London, UK
Industry: Translation Services
Annual revenue: $6,300,000
Number of employees: 105

Quick Read:

Lingo24 is a UK-based business that used to derive around 70% of its sales from the domestic market. In 2006, it sought to expand operations internationally, both to increase sales and to diversify its revenue sources as a means of protecting itself from fluctuations in the currency markets.

Through the strategic positioning of offices across four continents, and by translating and localizing its website for other markets, Lingo24 has been able to make significant inroads into the international arena. It now derives more than 50% of its revenue from abroad.


Lingo24 is a UK-based round-the-clock translations service, which Christian Arno started from a spare room in his parents' house just after graduating from Oxford University in 2001.

Within two years of the company's launch, Arno had set up operations in New Zealand and China, the backbone of the company's 24-hour competitive advantage. And by 2005, Lingo24 had four global hubs, 20 employees, websites in three languages, and revenue of £1.2 million (GBP).

Entering 2006, however, the company was still deriving close to 70% of its sales from the domestic market, and it wanted to find a way to increase international sales in multiple time zones in order to decrease its reliance on revenue in the form of pound sterling.

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