Frugal American consumers have forsaken their favorite national brands in the case of many food and household, health, and personal-care products, but they are reluctant to switch to store brands on purchases for children and pets, according to recent research from ICOM.

The threat of exodus from national brands toward store brands varies by category, ICOM's survey (in May) of 1,530 US consumers finds.

The following percentages, by product category, refer to consumers who say they have switched to store brands and away from national brands in the past six months:

  • 59%, food and household products
  • 48%, health products
  • 48%, personal care products
  • 23%, pet care products
  • 12%, child care products

"Perceived risk, that's what is driving these key consumer decisions. This is the kind of insight that national brands can use to reach customers with promotions that meet their needs and bring them back," said ICOM Marketing Director Warren Storey.

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