Millennial women are optimistic about their career prospects: 94% of young (age 22-35) professional females surveyed say they can achieve a balance between a satisfying professional life and a gratifying personal life, according to a survey from Accenture.

Young women identify two primary qualities as keys to workplace success: The ability to balance personal and professional lives, and a job where they can make a difference. 

Below, other findings from Accenture's study, Millennial Women in the Workplace Success Index: Striving for Balance.

Looking for a Meaningful Work Experience

Some 66% of young women define success as doing meaningful work (i.e., "the type of work I want to do"), and 59% cite maintaining a balance between their personal and professional lives. Only 37% cite "being seen as an expert in my field" and even fewer (22%) cite "receiving awards or recognition internally."

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