Among the 38 brands that ran TV commercials during the Super Bowl this year, 75% reported twice as many blog posts about their brands on Sunday, compared with levels on Sunday evenings over the previous six months, reports Radio Business Report, citing research from Prophesee, the social media arm of Interpublic Group's Initiative unit.

More than 30% of Super Bowl advertisers generated a threefold increase in the number of blog posts about them.

Below, additional findings from Prophesee.

Flo TV, a first-time advertiser in the NFL finals, experienced a spike of 50 times the number of blog posts it usually generates, the highest for any advertiser during this year's event.

Other advertisers that registered large increases in blog activity on Super Bowl Sunday:

  • Doritos: 13 times the level of activity
  • Vizio: 7 times
  • Hyundai: 4 times
  • Kia and Budweiser: 3 times

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