Frequent social networkers—people who use social networking sites several times a day—are more likely to follow brands, access their favorite social sites via mobile devices, and consume a wide variety of mobile technologies, according to a survey from Edison Research/Arbitron Internet.

Such frequent users, which number 39 million in 2010 (up from 18 million a year earlier), are also avid consumers of on-demand media, such as timeshifted TV, podcasting, and online video, but they still watch less television than other adults, the study found.

Below, other findings from the 18th Edison Research/Arbitron Internet and Multimedia Research Study.

Frequent social networkers now constitute 30% of all social network users, up from 18% in 2009; they are predominantly female (57%) and much more likely to be young: 66% are age 34 or younger. 

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