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US marketers are expected to more than double their investments in online-derived data sources by 2012, allocating a projected $840 million to information about digital audiences, transactions, and clickstream behaviors, according to a study by the Winterberry Group.

In 2009, US companies invested roughly $7.8 billion in marketing data and associated services (including hosting, hygiene, analytics, and other functions). Of that, about $410 million—just 5.3%—was derived from purely online sources.

In 2012, marketers will continue to dedicate a projected $7.8 billion to marketing data and associated services, but the proportion of those budgets focused on digital sources and applications will more than double, accounting for 10.8% of the mix—roughly $840 million.

That growth in digital data will offset declines in offline data spending: By 2012, marketers are expected to reduce their investments in direct mail-related data and services, to $6.93 billion, down 6.4% from the $7.40 billion spent in 2009.

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