With the launch of its patent-pending Neo-Organizational Optimization Brainstorm (NOOB) technique, independent strategic technology communications and PR practice Eastwick today announced it has exposed what really happens in the Cloud.

Some seven years in the making, NOOB aggregates social collaboration platforms, neural networks, Big Data analytics, sentiment tools, and virtual payment systems to finally reveal the enigmatic logistics and inner workings of the Cloud, Eastwick said.

One in five Americans (22%) admit that they've pretended to know what the Cloud is and how it works, according to a recent survey. Using the NOOB approach, Eastwick has helped dispel the fog surrounding cloud computing and uncovered how the Cloud brings the Internet to today's desktops, optimizing productivity and elevating the Cumulous Quotient™ that powers innovation, business valuations, and technological breakthroughs that promise to once again power a strong global economy.

What Really Happens in the Cloud
Neo-Organizational Optimization Brainstorm techniques have revealed the following:

  • The WCC (Weather Control Center) uses the latest technology (still in Beta) to protect the Cloud from stormy weather for optimal performance.
  • The "workplace of the future" will exist entirely In the Cloud (the address is 10100 Cloud Lane, Skyview Towers (currently leasing).
  • Your data is safe: a "wall of fire" guards the most valuable stored information.
  • The flu, along with other viruses, is as much as 17.777% effective in infecting the cloud.
  • The cloud is powered by the best servers from top culinary institutes.
  • Users enjoy all-you-can-compute menus and exclusive performances, including the band Width.

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