We kick off with Facebook's Home for Android, LinkedIn, zany puppet action, and our April Fool's joke of choice... and then move on to stats galore: Get data on tablet use and online video, and tips on how to better target Boomer women (who aren't all moms). Also learn how Twitter Reports has improved, where you can find legal docs for social/business needs, and how to present like Steve Jobs. Skim and learn!

Home in your hands. Facebook just introduced Home, which acts like a social operating system for Android phones. Home "replaces" your Android desktop and, instead of behaving like just another app, creates an integrated social system that incorporates your apps, making connecting with people seem more natural and easy. Its "Chat Heads" feature, for example, lets you chat via SMS and Facebook no matter what app you happen to be using. The Google+ team is likely not be pleased.

LinkedIn wants us all a little closer. LinkedIn's testing the ability to "mention" people or brands, Facebook-style, in status updates. Like on the 'book, any mention of your name or brand will alert you. This feature follows last year's introduction of LinkedIn endorsements; both facilitate person-discovery and the creation of potentially valuable connections among users.

Puppets can't eat (Wheat Thins). If you're anything like us, the sight of Cookie Monster stuffing his mouth with cookies he'd never be able to swallow really bothered you. Touching on that conundrum, Wheat Thins is running an infectious ad featuring a puppet in a psych ward whose problem is, aptly, that he stuffs his face with Wheat Thins he can never truly eat. The ad comes bearing a hashtag, #musthavewheatthins, which is getting plenty of play and features at least one Vine tribute. Ads gone "GIFfy"—the ultimate kudos.

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Angela Natividad is a social media strategist, copywriter, and journalist based in Paris. A Bay Area native and lover of vending machine candies, she co-founded AdVerveBlog.com and is a frequent guest on marketing podcast The Beancast. You can follow her on Twitter at @luckthelady.