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Life before the internet? Today's teens and young adults only know about the digitally connected world. But how is their hyperconnecting affecting them?

To find out, Pew Internet & American Life Project did some research then published its findings in the Teens and Technology 2013 report. That information was used to create the following infographic by InternetProvider.

Among the research findings...

  • 80% of teens own a computer.
  • 78% of teens own a cellphone.
  • 37% of teens own a smartphone.

So, how is hyperconnectivity affecting the younger generation?

The technology experts and shareholders surveyed were divided evenly in their opinion regarding whether being hyperconnectivity was a positive or a negative.

The positives for being hyperconnected include...

  • Being adept at finding answers to deep questions efficiently.
  • Becoming quick-acting multitaskers.
  • Learning more information quickly.

The negatives for being hyperconnected include...

  • Developing a need for instant gratification.
  • Lacking deep-thinking capabilities.
  • Lacking face-to-face social skills.

To find out more about the research findings, check out the following infographic.


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