Happy post-Independence Day! Fireworks may still be exploding in our ears, but as usual we've got a bunch of new tricks and tools for you this week. Read about Vine's latest marketer-friendly features, and learn how to target Twitter users from your email list, as well as embed Instagram Videos. Also, catch up on the top viral branded video of the week, and see a digital walk-through of Diagon Alley. Skim for social liberation.

Facebook Ads: don't find yourself beside something you hate. Facebook's improved its groups/pages ad placements to ensure advertisers aren't placed alongside compromising content. "We will now seek to restrict ads from appearing next to Pages and Groups that contain any violent, graphic or sexual content (content that does not violate our community standards)," the company writes. The review will be manual, but it will eventually be automated as its algos improve.

Use email to improve... Twitter targeting? Now advertisers can use email lists and user cookie IDs to target their recent site visitors on Twitter. Users can opt out by unchecking the "promoted content" module in their account settings... but, for now, everyone is automatically opted in.

The slides have it. Looking for a new way to promote your business or present your industry expertise? Sites like SlideShare and SpeakerDeck let you publish slideshows that are easy to share and that search engines can index. Amy Gahran explains how to maximize online slideshows, including tips on presentation tools (we really like Bunkr), search optimization, and the good use of images. To start you off right, Jack Morton Worldwide's produced the following slideshow, "Bottling Goodwill: Olympic Lessons for Every Brand". Happy presenting, online or offline!

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Angela Natividad is a social media strategist, copywriter, and journalist based in Paris. A Bay Area native and lover of vending machine candies, she co-founded AdVerveBlog.com and is a frequent guest on marketing podcast The Beancast. You can follow her on Twitter at @luckthelady.