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10 Reasons Why Your Marketing Needs to Be More Attractive to Women [Infographic]

by Verónica Jarski  |  
October 22, 2013

Is your marketing geared more toward men or toward women? If you said "men," you are ignoring the gender with more purchasing power. After all, according to Women's Marketing Inc., women control 85% of the purchasing in the United States.

The following infographic by Text Marketer highlights 10 solid reasons why your business needs to be more attractive to women.

One of the biggest reasons to engage women is that 92% of females will pass on information about deals. Need to reach people far and wide? Turn to the feminine population.

Women especially love their mobiles: Some 46% of turn to their smartphone as soon as they wake up.

And once those women are on their mobiles, 58% are likely to make a purchase.

Also, women make most of the decisions regarding food purchases (93%), healthcare decisions (80%) and computer purchases (66%).

To find out other reasons why you should consider making your business more attractive to women, check out the following infographic:

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Veronica Jarski is the Opinions editor and a senior writer at MarketingProfs. She can be reached at

Twitter: @Veronica_Jarski

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  • by Media Beyond Andy Tue Oct 22, 2013 via web

    Maybe it's a cultural thing, but in the U.S. we don't consider 'girls' to be a respectful term for women - especially those with purchasing power, and would see a likely backlash against a large campaign referring to 'girls'.

  • by Vahe, MarketingProfs Tue Oct 22, 2013 via web

    @Media Beyond Andy

    We had the same reaction, but like you thought the use of the term was likely acceptable in the UK.

  • by albert chitsiko Wed Oct 23, 2013 via web

    i love it it awakens the mind well done

  • by Jack Holt, Mattr Mon Oct 28, 2013 via web

    Good article and prompted a quick blog about women's voices in social media (I, too, stay away from writing, 'girls').

    I built a few personas of twitter audiences in what's traditionally thought of as 'manly' brands and looked for surprises.

    The biggest surprise? Redbull. Here's the full 3 minute read: "Women are Excited About These 3 'Manly' Brands"

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