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In which cities and states are digital coupons most likely to be activated?

To find out, RevTrax conducted a study that poinpointed the top cities, regions, and demographics for digital coupon use.

RevTrax found that the following are the top cities for digital coupon activations:

  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Rochester, New York
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Huntsville, Alabama

Home to two cities of the top five for digital coupon activation, North Carolina comes in first as the top US state for digital coupon activations, followed by Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, and New York.

So, who are the folks activating all these digital coupons? According to RevTrax, five demographic groups drive an average lift of 3.86% in digital coupon activation.

  1. Female-dense areas
  2. Compact geographic areas
  3. Densely populated areas
  4. Family-friendly areas
  5. Senior areas

Find out more about digital couponing by checking out the following infographic:

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