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Does the word "innovative" launch you into an eyeroll? Do you heave a sigh at the sight of the word "great"?

Maybe you've just read too many press releases.

Those words, and 48 more, made Shift Communications's infographic of the 50 most overused PR words of 2013.

The company sampled 62,768 press releases published on in 2013 to glean the most overused words in press releases last year.

The top 5 most overused words were...

  1. New (110,059 times)
  2. First (56,724 times)
  3. Mobile (28,534 times)
  4. Professional (27,859 times)
  5. Most (25,774 times)

Learn more about the words that are overrunning press releases by checking out the following infographic:

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