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This week, we give you Airbnb's Berlin Wall video, the latest updates to Facebook and Instagram, YouTube's latest creator strategy, which socnet is best for qualified leads (spoiler: It's not Facebook), and how to transform your data scientist into a storyteller. Skim for all the social cream!

Breaking walls, one ad at a time. This week marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and Airbnb released a video illustrating the true story of a user whose father, a former West Germany border guard, met a former East Germany border guard when they rented his apartment in Berlin. (Here's a Q&A with the video creator by Ann Handley.) Airbnb CMO Jonathan Mildenhall saw this as a chance to "put our community front and center of any campaign," but for others it rang less well. We'll let you decide.

SoundCloud also commemorated the fall with the Berlin Wall of Sound, a project that gives users the soundscape of life around the wall. TNW points out that not only does the stream's shape reconstruct the wall's shape, it's also 7 minutes and 32 seconds long, the time it would have taken for a sound wave to travel the wall's length. The soundstream is also punctuated with markers highlighting civilians who fell around it. Welcome to history.

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