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After binge-watching a favorite show on Netflix, you land on a screen that kindly introduces you to a few other options you are likely to enjoy. Respond to that siren song, and you'll soon be hours into another series marathon.

The stratagem of personalized marketing engages consumers with custom offers and services. It has been gaining speed and will become imperative for companies looking to grow in 2015. Most marketers understand that, but only 6% are planning with personalization in mind.

To keep your company's edge, personalize your marketing in 2015. Some 45% of online shoppers prefer websites with tailored recommendations. How can your products and services better serve each unique customer?

We at Formstack recently released a new infographic on five personalized marketing predictions you can use to help prepare your marketing strategy. Check it out below, and use the five tips as you begin planning your 2015 content and campaigns.

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image of Chris Byers

Chris Byers is CEO of Formstack, a form-building tool to help increase online conversions.

Twitter: @rchirsbyers

LinkedIn: Chris Byers