Learn about Facebook's plans to elevate Amber Alerts and colonize your work life, Twitter's newest ad strategy, and brands that are using the latest (and weirdest) slang. Skim to get on fleek.

Today in unexpected winning business models... Last week, Mathew Carpenter launched ShipYourEnemiesGlitter.com, a site that for $9.99 in Australian dollars sends an envelope of glitter to people you hate. It's simple and straightforward: Passive-aggressive revenge that's more funny than harmful, the perfect response to everyday petty grievances. The site exploded on Reddit and spread to other Millennial-targeted publications like The Daily Dot. Within 24 hours, it was overwhelmed with orders, prompting Carpenter to beg the Internet to stop buying. A typical response to his plea: "You have made your glitter-coated bed and I'm afraid you will have to lie in it."

Why we loved it? Ship Your Enemies Glitter is tongue-in-cheek, easy to understand, and more deprecating than salesy (the polar opposite of headlines like these). Like Cards Against Humanity, its language was catnip to users whose purchases aren't always aspirational; they express a skeptical humor toward consumerism. Carpenter's quick rise to fame, and consequent regret, also make a great story to follow.

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Angela Natividad is a social media strategist, copywriter, and journalist based in Paris. A Bay Area native and lover of vending machine candies, she co-founded AdVerveBlog.com and is a frequent guest on marketing podcast The Beancast. You can follow her on Twitter at @luckthelady.