Today, time is a precious resource. A glance is all you get from consumers. Yet marketers need to reach those consumers with attention-grabbing digital experiences in the moments that matter.

However, because of content-led marketing strategies that have led to content proliferation, the competition for consumer attention has massively escalated.

For time-poor consumers, that noisy content barrage detracts from content's original intent: to engage with positive, inspirational experiences—whether that's in an e-commerce scenario or a brand awareness campaign.

More than half (55%) of Web pages viewed get less than 15 seconds of attention, according to Web attention and monetization firm Chartbeat.

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Brian Rigney is CEO of digital publishing software Zmags. He has 20+ years of experience leading high-performing entrepreneurial teams, launching new businesses, and bringing innovative products to market.

LinkedIn: Brian Rigney

Twitter: @brigney