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Presentations are about much more than words said. They're about word choice, delivery, body language, hand gestures, and much more. So how do the presentation skills of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton measure up?

Word choice matters significantly. "Simpler word usage allows for greater accessibility to a wider range of audiences," states the following Ethos3 infographic. Trump's speaking level is at the fourth-grade level; Clinton's is at the eighth-grade level.

Moreover, how fast (or slow) a speaker talks is crucial to an effective presentation. "During interviews conducted earlier this year, Trump spoke at 220 WPM and Hillary at 110 WPM," states Ethos3.

"The average person can hear 150-160 words per minute and can listen to a speech given at 210 WPM without losing comprehension," it adds.

For more details about presentations, check out the infographic:

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