Question:Can you recommend a current integrated marketing communications book with sample plans?

Answer:Before you spend your hard-earned bucks, we suggest that you take a look at the primer we offer on building a marketing plan (which includes simple steps for integrated marketing communications), which you can access here

If that didn’t satiate your hunger for marketing communications knowledge, these two books will provide you with more meat to chew on:

Developing a Creative and Innovative Integrated Marketing Communications Plan: A Working Model
by James R. Ogden

This book addresses concerns for an audience ranging from start-up entrepreneurs to large company executives. The approach is pragmatic, with a "how to" feel that makes it immediately useful.
It covers the whole management of marketing, instead of simply focusing on media marketing, and it integrates marketing to all the operations of the business.

Strategies For Implementing Integrated Marketing Communications
by Larry Percy

This a more basic book that outlines approaches for developing effective IMC strategies. It does include case studies and examples with practical guidance.