Question:How do I know if my brand name is distinctive?

Answer:If your brand name doesn’t create a curiosity factor, you’re wasting gobs of money just trying to cut through the communication clutter. The sooner you get psychological exclamation marks into your brand name, the sooner you get the attention you crave.

Even if you choose to have a name that means very little and can drum up a story to match it, you’ve got yourself a winner. Which place would you rather frequent? "One Red Dog" or "Joe’s Café?" With a vivid name you’ve got the opportunity to weave a story--even a story that you made up all by yourself!

Don’t just Mona Lisa your brand. Put some Shakespeare in it as well. Push the limits of your brand name and make it an action tool. Create visual advertising, icons, logos, etc. that bring your brand name to life, and help it stand out in the crowd.

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