Question:What are some things I should consider when identifying potential partners?

Answer:There are 12 key things you should consider:

1. Do they have the same sort of business culture, values, and ethics that you do?
2. Who are their other partners?
3. Do they have written partner agreements?
4. What can they bring to the table?
5. Are they comfortable offering information about their client base?
6. Do they have an exit plan?
7. Do they have an alliance or relationship manager?
8. Do you have leadership commitment?
9. Can they confidently outline their top objectives?
10. Do the marketing and sales budgets have monies set aside?
11. Are they enthusiastic about working with you?
12. Do you or your potential partner have a process for passing leads back and forth?

For more detail on each of these, and furter information about forging partnerships, please see Avoiding Partnership Pitfalls