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Four Reasons Marketing Resolutions Fail

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Personal New Year's resolutions usually stink, and marketing resolutions are no better. You know why?

1. Your resolution is random

Goals need to make sense for your specific brand and business. Just because video marketing is a trending marketing topic, that doesn't mean it's right for your particular brand. Make sure your resolution makes sense for you if you want to see success.

2. You don't own the goal

Do you feel like your success is dependent on a dozen outside factors? If so, your goal will likely fail. You need to create resolutions that you can own and be accountable for. If you don't, then it's too easy to slack off.

3. You have no support

Does your C-suite oppose your resolution? Is your team apathetic? Is your boss completely uninterested? Like for any goal or resolution, a network of people cheering you on and contributing to your success is essential.

4. You don't have steps for success

Your goal is great but you have no idea where to start? That's a major problem. Having a tactical plan to achieve your resolution is essential.

That's why Ann Handley and I teamed up to create a 45-minute seminar on 2014 marketing trends paired with tactical ways to make them work for you. You see, Ann is kind of a big deal and knows what's up when discussing the future of marketing. And me? I am the one who gets things done in the day to day.

I know how frustrating it is to hear marketing leaders tell you what your goals should be without sharing a single tactical step you can take to achieve them. While knowing what we should do is great, knowing how to do it is always better.

So, enough with the crappy resolutions. Instead, let's vow to make tactical, realistic, achievable plans that will move our brands and the industry a step forward in 2014.

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Corey O'Loughlin is a marketing manager at MarketingProfs. Reach her via Twitter.

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  • by Davina K. Brewer Fri Jan 17, 2014 via web

    These are all valid reasons why resolutions don't work out Corey. And yet at the same time I think if these are the reasons, then the resolutions were ill-planned in the first place. Why would you go w/ an initiative w/out support and understanding from TPTB? Why would you tackle something you neither own nor influence much less control? If you don't have the steps in place to succeed, then you've only planned to fail.

    Now this, this ITA. "While knowing what we should do is great, knowing how to do it is always better." We all know we want a better job, better clients; we really know 'how' to network; but the real how - how to find the secret, hidden waters where are the biting fish biting - not so much. The what we can do; the why the money question; the 'if we knew how we'd have done it already!' HOW - that is the big trick. FWIW.

  • by Jack Irving Fri Jan 17, 2014 via web

    There's no better time to embrace new marketing programs and leave non-performers in the dust than a new year.

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