The digital marketing landscape is changing constantly. Each year, new tools, technologies, and platforms are introduced that subsequently shift marketing strategies.

In keeping with the theme of new digital technologies and strategies, here are four trends every digital marketer should be thinking about for 2014.

1. Interactive video experiences

As brands push past traditional impressions and toward true engagement, applications and services take over. Take videos, for example. A short video clip is able to convey a message much more effectively than static ads can, which is why sites like YouTube are popular and why we've seen the introduction of other video platforms, such as Vine, and Instagram's new video component.

Now, imagine an interactive video experience at street level with access to social media and new impressions. With these platforms available, agencies will be experimenting with interactive content to create and share brand experiences at street level in a social digital experience.

By generating content that speaks to multiple senses—primarily sight, sound, and touch—marketers can create unique experiences that engage audiences and create more powerful connections with their brands.

2. Cross-screen marketing

Though mobile is an increasingly important part of marketing, remember that just under half of all Americans still don't have smartphones, and mobile-first and mobile-only strategies make it difficult to target the less tech-savvy consumer. The answer to this problem: cross-screen marketing.

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image of George Burciaga
George Burciaga is CEO of elevate DIGITAL, an interactive advertising and technology company.