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Marketers often feel overburdened and stretched too thin. But why do marketers feel that way? And can they do something about those feelings?

According to Richard Whitehead of AtTask, some factors contribute to that feeling. "Probably the biggest is the constant requests that come in from both inside and outside the organization," Whitehead states. "Research shows that in-house creative teams complete as many as 4,000 projects every year. In addition, many of these teams either have fewer resources or they have new resources that they have to train."

In addition to having massive workloads, marketers face many barriers to productivity. The biggest ones are unproductive meetings, inaccurate reporting, long approval processes, random requests, overflowing email inboxes, use of multiple tools, distractions, interruptions, and fire drills.

Marketers can eliminate the barriers and then feel less burdened by their workload, Whitehead contends. By busting the following myths, marketers can become more productive.

1. Structure kills creativity

Marketers—and especially designers—are creative by nature. They argue that having too many processes is constraining and takes away from time that could be spent creating, but the truth is that without the right structures in place, you lose more time than you gain.

In reality, developing a complete creative brief and execution plan will allow marketers to be more creative and productive.

2. Saying yes is best

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