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Don't Be This Person on LinkedIn: Headline Don'ts and Do's

by Tobias Schremmer  |  
May 28, 2014

In my prior articles about headshot fails on LinkedIn, I skewered 58 kinds of mistakes LinkedIn users have made with their profile photos. Today, I'd like to zero in on another area within LinkedIn that is ripe for exploration (and ultimately, exhortation to improve): the Professional Headline.

The mostly overlooked headline keeps growing in importance as LinkedIn keeps increasing the ways it lists us, specifically these sections that you see all the time on the site: You Recently Visited, People You May Know, People Also Viewed, and People Similar to.

Your headline serves as your working career one-line elevator speech. And let's emphasize the adjective LinkedIn uses to describe it: Professional.

What a Professional Headline Should Not Be

Don't be THIS person (or any of the following people) on LinkedIn.

The obscure reference gal

Please realize that to most (and by "most" I mean 99%) readers saying that you are "Always looking for 'Purple Squirrels'" is just odd. We're not sure what that means. I know Seth Godin wrote about purple cows, but I'm a little scared to Google your phrase of choice. And, of course, nothing on your page clarifies the expression.

The quirky statement-maker

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Tobias Schremmer is a senior sales executive at MarketingProfs.

LinkedIn: Tobias Schremmer

Twitter: @Schremkopf


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  • by Ty Whalin Thu May 29, 2014 via web

    I have crafted a few headlines from other websites through the years. It has sparked several ideals from time to time when trying to decide on what to write about. There was point at which I started paying close attention to link bait style tactics. The catchy titles always seemed to be really good attention grabbers. But I suppose that was the ideal to begin with anyway.

    It would seem now a day's crafting a good title in this mass of competition of articles flooding the internet can be a real challenge at times, so finding a unique topic can be interesting at times; since there are thousands of companies writing on the same topics daily. Usually starting with a good how to or why type of article is a great way to go. Good list of sources on here, will try to check them out.

  • by Russ Somers Sun Jun 1, 2014 via web

    Great post, Tobias! The Show Examples idea is especially useful. That said, I refuse to delete the Lloyd Dobler quote from my profile ;)

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