You're probably inflicting a slow painful death on your business with well-intentioned marketing initiatives—and not even knowing you're doing so.

The root cause of the problem is something called "replication-remorse," and it's similar to buyer's remorse. Those shoppers are regretful of their purchases in the cold light of day.

As marketers, we suffer our own painful regret when we try and emulate the success of others by copying ("replicating") what they did.

Most of us try to "replicate," and most of us fail. Are you one of the addicted to replicating?

Early Symptoms: the No-Brainer Blueprint

I am an entrepreneur, and I have an email marketing tech startup. I've had success with past ventures (I'm "experienced"). I consider myself pretty analytical, and it's my belief that success is somewhat formula-based.

Having recently launched what I consider a really useful product for entrepreneurs and small businesses, I realized if I could get it reviewed by some well-known websites I could pick up some good free PR.

Although I haven't had big success with free PR in the past, I decided it couldn't be that difficult. If I studied what others had done to get their reviews, I would be able to replicate their success with a bit of work. (I'll call this the no-brainer blueprint.)

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Phil Hill is a serial internet entrepreneur and founder of Flashissue, a curation and email newsletter service.

LinkedIn: Phil Hill

Twitter: @philhill