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Today's marketers have perfected the art of testing. It's what makes us more effective at delivering the results expected of us. We test landing pages, subject lines, Web layouts, and other elements of our marketing conversations—with good reason.

According to HubSpot, A/B testing of landing pages (PDF) can generate up to 30-40% more leads for B2B sites and 20-25% more leads for e-commerce sites. Data has even shown that A/B testing for President Obama's website during his 2008 campaign accounted for roughly $75 million more in donations to his campaign and 4 million new website registrants.

So, why not apply these same time-honored testing skills to the globalization of all your marketing campaigns and content?

Can You Really Test Geographical Markets?

Marketers typically feel they need to "go all in" in markets that have been deemed by sales or research to be viable sources of revenue for a company. They translate the entire website, sales collateral, promotional materials, and marketing campaigns into a given language, then hope for good returns from that market.

As an experienced marketer, I am a staunch believer in localizing all customer touchpoints, and I also think testing the potential of new markets before you jump into them is wise. That will ensure you're always optimizing the global profit potential for your company.

How can you "test" geographical markets as a marketer?

You can use the marketing automation platform you already have to send local language campaigns to target audiences in a few markets, set up a few core Web pages, and compare response rates to determine where and when to invest in further localization.

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Heidi Lorenzen is chief marketing officer of Cloudwords, a cloud-based platform that turbocharges the globalization of marketing content for the world's leading brands.

LinkedIn: Heidi Lorenzen

Twitter: @hlorenzen