An "incoming class" of marketers will enter the workforce in 2025. Today, they're 10 years old and in fifth grade. How (and when) will today's fifth graders develop an interest in a marketing career? 

And how can we show children today that marketing may be the right choice of work in their future?

As a kid, I used to ask my parents about family members. "Mom, what does Uncle Joe do for a living?" Mom knew that Uncle Joe ran a business but didn't know the particulars, so she'd answer, "Oh, he's a businessman." She may as well have said, “Oh, he does marketing,” a term equally nebulous (for me) back then.

What About Marketing?

Recently, I taught a lesson on personal branding to a class of high school students. I asked the class to define the term "marketing."

No one raised their hand. So, I waited for fifteen seconds.

Still no one.

That's a problem.

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