With the implementation of Big Data, the potential to create effective campaigns and strategy is at marketers' fingertips. However, the volume of data can overwhelm marketers.

"What data is important? And what can I do with it?"

Cut Through the Noise

Before diving into a pool of information, make sure you're finding the data you need to help accomplish your goals.

The following three focus areas can drastically improve your marketing efforts and allow you to connect with the leads that can turn into loyal customers.

  1. Behavioral data 
  2. External triggers
  3. Sales data

What Does This Data Mean?

Those three types of data will identify how customers are interacting with your business, what is motivating and encouraging them, and how current customers are using your service.

Behavioral data

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image of Joe Lucas

Joe Lucas is the director of demand gen and marketing operations at InsideView, a provider of software solutions for the sales and marketing industry.

LinkedIn: Joe Lucas

Twitter: @joelucas