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Four Reasons to Outsource Your Social Media (and Four Reasons Not to)

by Ben Austin  |  
August 7, 2014

The subject of outsourcing one's social media is still quite controversial, a taboo subject in the most elite digital circles, and perhaps so without a good reason.

After all, though 45% of respondents in a recent study believe a rise in marketing activities done in-house will increase in the future, only 32% of respondents believed there will be an increase in outsourcing.

So, should a company outsource its media social?

We've compiled a list of four solid benefits of outsourcing your social media, followed by four things that might make you reconsider outsourcing.

Pros of Outsourcing Your Social Media

1. A valuable outsider's perspective

When all your marketing is done in-house, you risk becoming too introspective.

The intervention of a third-party agency can challenge the ideas, notions, and concepts you start to take for granted. Though no one knows your brand better than you do, sometimes one needs to get some objectivity to understand your company from a consumer point of view, something key to identifying and exploiting your USPs.

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Ben Austin is CEO of Absolute Digital Media, a UK-based agency specializing in an integrated approach to online marketing.

LinkedIn: Ben Austin

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  • by Davina K. Brewer Sat Aug 16, 2014 via web

    Good list of 'pros' but the 'cons' speak of a lack of integration, a lack of planning and understanding SM. Ex. customer service - if it's to be done via SM it makes sense that's in-house function, perhaps w/ outside training; and fully integrated with marketing and any other business communications that would use SM. Delays .. again that speaks to a lack of planning between the agency and client, perhaps a client that wants to just turn everything over w/out participating? One of the first thing to establish in this situation is that it's not vendor/client but a working partnership. Approvals and processes are mapped out for maximum efficiency.

    Then there's con 1: competition. If you've got an agency taking your info for another client??? what kind of relationship is that? Non-compete, non-disclosure.. any ethical practitioner I know respects their client relationships and would recommend, honor such arrangements. Fear of that kind of thing means you need to find honest business partners, a better agency. FWIW.

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