A shift is happening in marketing—but only a fraction of businesses are taking advantage of it. This new capability does not rest solely on the Web but within a reliable technology once thought to be going the way of the dinosaur.

Now, voice communications are delivering analytics capabilities over what is already possible through online campaigns.

Consider this...

  • Current data shows that tablet usage has increased by 60% year over year and the total number of smartphone owners has increased by 24% year over year, surpassing the 140 million mark.
  • 93% of people who use mobile to research a purchase go on to complete that purchase, and over half of consumers want to make a purchase within an hour of conducting research on their smartphone.
  • Sales calls to businesses from customers ready to buy immediately increased 24% just in the last year, according to CallRail, a call-tracking company.

How do these trends translate into more insight into your customer base? Let's take a look...

1. Mobile—and voice in particular—are preferred by customers

Three clear foundational elements demonstrate why customers are relying on mobile but moving back to voice when researching and purchasing products.

  • Mobile enables users to search and find products wherever and whenever they're ready to buy. With mobile searches limiting spam, it provides a much more streamlined search experience.
  • With the dangers of driving and texting readily apparent, hands-free calls to businesses are literally a lifesaver. With regulations increasing on when and where an individual can text, one-touch dialing and voice-activated dialing become a very attractive option for a market on the move.
  • Customers originally shifted from phone to the Internet for the ease and instant gratification of ordering. But now, this desire is moving full circle, and customers realize that the easiest option is to "phone it in," especially for businesses that are not '"commodities," such as services, big purchases, and luxuries.

2. Businesses are moving to capitalize on the mobile market

Businesses are recognizing the importance of search in their mobile marketing efforts. A whopping 74% of mobile users rely on search during their shopping process.

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image of Andy Powell

Andy Powell is co-founder of CallRail, a call-tracking platform based in Atlanta.

LinkedIn: Andy Powell

Twitter: @apowellgt