You know that feeling when you commit to taking on a project yourself—then discover just how inexperienced and busy you are to actually complete that project?

I recently experienced that feeling when my wife and I decided it was time for a new living room coffee table.

"Don't worry... I can build one for us" still echoes in my head.

I looked up different types of wood, different plans, different DIY websites for inspiration (and a clue how in the world I was going to build a table), etc. After a couple months of research and night terrors, I told my wife that maybe I couldn't build a coffee table and that we should just look into buying one.

The same example can be used when companies plan on creating their own sales-enablement app in-house.

Why Create an App In-House? 

Understandably, companies try to take advantage of in-house expertise or resources, so they can avoid using a third-party developer or purchasing an additional software service to address their app needs.

Sometimes, a team member builds a simple iOS game app that is even in the App Store. That can be considered app development expertise in-house, so why not take advantage of the resource you already have?

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image of Corey Trojanowski

Corey Trojanowski is a marketing communications specialist for FatStax, a customized sales-enablement platform provider.

LinkedIn: Corey Trojanowski

Twitter: @Trojanowski_