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Saying that women are the engine for economic growth is not an exaggeration. On the world stage, women have taken the lead, working at the helm of some of the world's most powerful government positions and corporations. Even in the home, women wield considerable buying power, accounting for an estimated 80% of all purchase decisions.

At SheSpeaks, we have a network of over 250K women, which means we hear a lot of conversations from very passionate, socially connected women about everything from clothing to cars to vacations.

Those conversations have taught us a great deal about how women think—and what they wish brands understood about courting them.

Here are three successful themes that have emerged regarding what female consumers want from advertisers and brands. 

1. Women want to know about product benefits, not features

That approach seems obvious, but in practice, many brands miss the boat here. Why?

Marketers tend to focus on product features, not benefits. Touting your product's cool features is fine, but all the little details that make it wonderful won't necessarily send it flying off the shelves.

For example, consider a consumer in the market for a dishwasher. Instead of a brand touting its "Reverse Quad Blade Wash Arm," the brand can say that the dishwasher will get dishes incredibly clean because it has spray jets that reverse direction to hit dishes from every angle.

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image of Aliza Freud

Aliza Freudis the founder and CEO of SheSpeaks, an award-winning engagement platform that connects influencers to F500 brands such as P&G, Citibank, and L'Oreal.

LinkedIn: Aliza Freud

Twitter: @shespeaking