As a marketer, you may appreciate some good old marketing buzz words or phrases now and then. (Some marketers just adore them! They love using hype words or phrases even more than Kanye West loves Kanye West.)

Hype words aren't all bad, but when overused—like the one in the headline, for example—they look silly.

What Makes a Hype Word?

A hype word is a word that has a very ordinary meaning (or unclear meaning) yet manages to appear attractive and innovative. At least, it does at first sight.

A hype word confuses the listener, and it hides the speaker's shortcomings and inability to explain a topic in simple terms.

After hearing or reading a hype word, targeted audience members ask themselves, "What did the author (or speaker) have in mind?"

Let's go through some of the most "interesting" hype words and phrases, and talk about why you should be careful about using them in your marketing materials.

1. Skyrocket

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