The rise of mobile has led to brick-and-mortar stores being replaced by living rooms, park benches, and office cubicles as primary locations to shop. Convenience has become the new priority for consumers.

Moreover, with more consumers going digital, the personalization that accompanied in-store sales is disappearing. Retailers need to bring personalization back to online consumers or miss out on sales opportunities.

Online retailers that know their shoppers can grow sales and improve the shopping experience.

Below are three reasons why the retail industry needs to deepen its focus on personalization for online shoppers.

1. Consumers want personalization

Consumers expect a personalized shopping experience.

A whopping 83% of shoppers see value in being recognized with personalized experiences across all devices, according to a recent report by Lauren Freedman (of the e-tailing group) and MyBuys.

As the desire for a one-to-one personalized experience grows, segment marketing is becoming increasingly difficult to justify. Consumers not only want information tailored to their specific needs, but they want information tailored to them across all their devices, whenever consumers choose to access them.

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image of Rita Brogley

Rita Brogley is CEO of MyBuys, a personalized display and email retargeting firm.

LinkedIn: Rita Brogley