"I'm really tired of being pigeonholed as a (fill-in-the-role). There's more to me than that!"

Frustrating, isn't it? When others categorize you and put you in a box that doesn't describe the fullness of who you are?

(Fact: The word "pigeonhole" is derived from the small compartments where pigeons were kept. The meaning carried over to desks and other furniture, where mail and documents could be categorized and stored.)

We are multifaceted people, and we want to be recognized as more than just a ___________.

But in regards to business, maybe we should want to be pigeonholed.

Here's the reality of business: Each of us as professionals and all of our companies will be pigeonholed. It is human nature to try to categorize people, so we can maintain some sort of order in our memories. Our brains can't help pigeonholing.

So, shouldn't we take advantage of that fact?

Here's an example of the positive side of pigeonholing... What do I think of when Dave Delaney comes to mind? I think digital marketing, Nashville, networking, connector, podcaster, and loyal friend. Those are the keywords—the hashtags, if you will—in my mind to describe Dave. I have him, in that sense, pigeonholed. When someone needs a digital marketing consultant, perhaps in the mid-South, and especially with a need to implement social media strategies, who am I going to think of? Dave Delaney. Because I have him pigeonholed accurately (and positively), I know who to turn to.

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image of Steve Woodruff

Steve Woodruff is the world's only Clarity Therapist. He connects people with their purpose, their message, and with other people in order to create new business opportunities. He writes at the SteveWoodruff.com.

LinkedIn: Steve Woodruff

Twitter: @swoodruff