Marketing is one of those disciplines most folks think they can crack quickly, with just a smidgen of art and a dash of creativity.

Increasingly, though, marketing is more science than anything, particularly for B2B organizations facing technologically fueled upstarts, a growing culture of entrepreneurial gumption, and the ever-expanding amount of channels and platforms.

I recently had the chance to learn from some of the country's finest marketing practitioners in Boston last week at the MarketingProfs B2B Marketing Forum 2014, located at the intersection of creativity and technology. You might expect the pressure to market at a marketing conference to be fierce, but instead I found the attendees to be a collegial group more than willing to take the time to help, answer, engage, consider, and explain.

At Siegel+Gale, we aim to simplify—to distill, from the complexities of the world and the abundance of information, a crystalline simplicity. In that vein, here are my top five takeaways from the forum.

1. If you don't look good, we don't look

You only get one chance to make a first impression (or so the saying went in the days before "impressions" meant clicks, views, and visits). The amount and type of touchpoints where brands meet customers is exploding. Consider the evolution from three network TV channels to thousands of cable stations. Moreover, an average person visits more than 2,600 webpages per month. And that's just in the digital space!

Integration across platforms, devices, and geographies, and the need for thoughtful, engaging, consistent design is crucial for brand recognition. LinkedIn's Jason Miller and social maven John Hayden were just two of the engaging presenters who explored the various ways we can be found online. You now get dozens of chances to make a first impression, so be sure you're clearly recognizable, no matter where you're seen.

2. Refine your funnel vision

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image of Zachary Dominitz

Zachary Dominitz is vice-president of Business Development at Siegel+Gale, a global strategic branding firm.

LinkedIn: Zachary Dominitz