If you're in advertising or marketing, you may have heard the catchphrase "combined campaigns" thrown around, and you probably wondered what all the fuss was about.

However, combined campaigns aren't exactly new. Television game shows that request viewers phone in their vote or infomercials that offer limited-time discounts are early examples of combined campaigns that use both television and telephone outlets.

For as long as ads have existed, companies have known that using just one medium is not nearly as powerful as creating a campaign brand spread across many types of ads.

Today, combined campaigns are gaining importance because consumers connect with more types of media than ever. So, what exactly are combined campaigns? How can you use them in your marketing efforts?

Combined Campaigns Defined

Combined campaigns use multiple forms of media such as traditional advertising techniques (e.g., print and television ads) along with relatively new channels, such as social media, online video advertisements, text content, and more to increase engagement across the marketing spectrum.

Moreover, successful companies understand advertising isn't just about "hard" advertisement. Sometimes, the most engagement comes from building awareness and consumer relationships through "soft" ads, such as hashtags, giveaways, and social media engagement.

New marketing channels are powerful enough alone. Creating a Facebook page can increase the frequency of store website visits by up to 131% (via Forbes). However, as many marketers have seen the effectiveness of using new channels, they have begun to realize that combining multiple channels is exponentially more effective than using them as standalone campaigns.

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image of Ivan Guzenko

Ivan Guzenko is vice-president and founder of SmartyAds, a marketplace, where advertisers and publishers can buy and sell ad spots.

LinkedIn: Ivan Guzenko

Twitter: @ivanguzenko