Let's talk about getting attention through the enticement of winning or giving away merchandise—done in a way that keeps your brand on the customer's mind while maintaining every temptation to buy your product or service.

Not staying cognizant of how much to give away can either lead to an uneventful campaign or attract people who think your stuff should be free anyway.

So, keep the answers to the following questions in mind when creating a giveaway or promotional contest:

  • What are the elements of a good social media giveaway or promotional contest?
  • What do you want customers to remember from the experience?

Consider the message you're conveying and what tools you will use to convey it. Everything will say something, whether it's a certain color, sound, word, etc. Make everything count.

Another question to ask yourself: Who's your target demographic?

Knowing your customers and learning from them defines the cycle of campaigning. One should be constantly enhancing the other.

Moreover, apps can help you plan your promotions and giveaways. Companies such as Woobox and Offerpop can help you manage campaigns across multiple social sites and collect feedback (e.g., likes, retweets, etc.).

In planning a contest, keep the level of difficulty appropriate with the size of the prize. People will only jump through so many hoops for a keychain (unless you're Apple).

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image of Ivan Serrano

Ivan Serrano is a freelance writer and infographic specialist.

Twitter: @IvanSerrano55