A trend is happening in sales, where the power is moving from seller to buyer. It's called the invisible sale. Buyers self-educate online, and they make their key purchasing decisions before sales teams even know those buyers are shopping.

Unfortunately, even though the buyers' process has evolved, your approach to selling to them probably hasn't. The key to winning these sales is to also evolve. You must change your strategy to match your buyers' process.

Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing

In 2009 (after 15 years in sales and marketing) I made a major business decision: I decided to de-emphasize my traditional, cold-call and outbound email marketing efforts. Instead, I made a shift to focusing on content marketing.

I became a guy who was known for knowledge. By strategically aligning my marketing efforts across search engines, social media, third-party websites, speaking engagements at conferences, and traditional word of mouth, I created a Painless Prospecting System.

It altered my career forever.

To help you understand how this system can work for you and/or your company, let's examine one case, where a single tweet landed me an international speaking gig in Malaysia.

The Tweet That Rewrote My Career

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image of Tom Martin

Tom Martin is the founder of Converse Digital and author of The Invisible Sale. He teaches companies how to increase sales, enhance brand perception, and take the pain out of prospecting.

Twitter: @TomMartin