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In marketers' quests to incorporate everything needed to pilot a successful campaign, they may be overlooking a key element—authenticity.

For some metric-centric marketers, the word "authenticity" may lean towards the esoteric. But consider this: In today's wonderfully rich content world, how are you cutting through the noise? And if your message is heard, will your customers believe you?

Let's evaluate what it takes to be authentic in your marketing approach and how to key in to this essential quality.

Honesty is still the best policy

Nielsen's Global Trust in Advertising Report says the global consumer is more trusting now than in years past. "Survey results show that trust and action often go hand in hand," the report states. Successful marketers recognize the importance of solidifying such faith.

The report shares that earned advertising—word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family—remains the most trustworthy source.

To convey honesty that compels customers to act, effectual marketing messaging goes beyond being true and correct. To resonate as genuine, a brand must demonstrate accessibility, inclusiveness, and familiarity.

Ask these questions often:

  • What promises are we making? How are we delivering on those promises?
  • How have we demonstrated our interest and investment into our customers' needs and desires?
  • Are we relatable?
  • How have we let the customer "in"?

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Gillian Vallee is a multichannel marketing professional, working with organizations on strategic marketing initiatives to create and improve brand positioning and revenue generating programs.

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