Creating a B2B marketing campaign? Let's take a look at some important factors all B2B marketers and startups should be considering when embarking on their next campaign.

1. Don't neglect the emotional

Brand marketing has always relied heavily on establishing an emotional connection with a prospect to create loyalty and empathy and to ultimately convert sales. So why have these assumptions featured far less in B2B marketing, which is often laden with statistical evidence and logical justification? Why should an audience of business decision-makers be any different from an audience of everyday consumers?

A study from Google, the CEB's Marketing Leadership Council and Motista uncovered evidence that emotional connections and drivers are more influential in a B2B decision-making environment than a B2C one.

The importance of brand connection in B2B purchasing decisions is highlighted by the Motista study, with 10% to 40% of B2C brands that took part in the study creating emotional connections with purchasers, compared to over 50% with seven of the nine B2B brands Motista studied.

B2B purchasers were eight times more likely to pay a premium for comparable products and services when personal value was present. Brand loyalty is not only desirable to successful B2B marketing but essential.

2. Technical requirements can be table stakes

Many B2B companies can make their marketing too reliant on technical know-how and proficiency because in many corporate bidding processes, many of the technical requirements of all the competitors are likely to be table stakes.

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image of Jon Mowat

Jon Mowat is a former BBC documentary filmmaker and founder of British-based video production and marketing company Hurricane Media.

LinkedIn: Jon Mowat