As the array of retail channels expands across brick-and-mortar stores, online shops, mobile, and social, the volume and complexity of consumer information is growing exponentially.

However, centralizing, synthesizing, and segmenting all that data is a daunting challenge for most brands. Though most brands have visibility into their best sales channel or even product, few have understanding of their best or most valuable customers (MVCs).

Successful companies are embracing advanced consumer management technology to do all that across POS, CRM, e-commerce, and middleware data sources and gain a holistic, multidimensional understanding of customers. 

Benefits of Advanced Consumer Management

Advanced consumer management delivers powerful marketing and operational applications that facilitate strategic consumer engagement and drive customer loyalty. The true effective result comes from the synthesized customer intelligence across myriad channels, achieving true "omnichannel" understanding as to how consumers shop, decide, and buy.

Marketing, brand, and consumer insight teams no longer have to cautiously rely on fragmented, disconnected customer data from incompatible sources such as point-of-sale and e-commerce systems. Consumer management technology facilitates the collection and synthesis of this data to develop powerful, complete consumer views.

Consumer management allows for strategically tiered engagement campaigns across email, mobile, social, online, and even physical mail channels, delivering personalized relevancy to customers. That insight and engagement is transforming how brands across myriad industries are executing their engagements and building loyalty.

Here are five ways advanced consumer management is already revolutionizing marketing.

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Mark Harrington is vice-president of Marketing at Clutch.

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