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Why Simplicity May Be the Secret to Brand Success

by Margaret Molloy  |  
March 30, 2015

We live in an era of boundless choices, rapid innovation, and all-important peer recommendations. The dizzying pace of change presents challenges for many established brands with well-honed business processes, belief systems, and incentives—and profitable business models.

A new breed of brands is emerging, and it's disrupting the status quo, changing consumer expectations—and, in many cases, reshaping category definitions. (For example, Airbnb is neither a travel/booking firm nor a hospitality company, but it has the potential to take market share from both.)

Often referred to as "disrupters," these brands are increasingly commanding more of our attention. No matter their function or the category they're disrupting, they possess a common characteristic: simplicity. It is at the core of the experiences they deliver. That is, they're creating brand experiences that are remarkably clear and unexpectedly fresh.

Global Brand Simplicity Index and Disruption

At Siegel+Gale, we release an annual Global Brand Simplicity Index that examines the global state of simplicity for the world's leading brands.

The recent report also shows how consumers ranked 40 of the most prevalent, so-called "disruptive" brands in the US and UK. The disrupters outperformed the incumbent brands in every category, particularly in the US where, compared to their established counterparts, they took eight of the top 10 spots based on their simplicity score.

Improving Customer Experiences 

So, how are these disrupters able to deliver simplicity to deliver top-notch customer experiences as well as brand experiences?

  • Empowering people. The disrupters shift power from brands to consumers. For example, brands like Airbnb and VRBO have usurped power from hotels and given it to local residents, allowing them to rent out vacant properties—from spare rooms to vacation houses—without getting mired down in the often cumbersome traditional industry protocols.
  • Reimagining brand experiences. The disrupters turn historically underwhelming customer experiences into moments of delight. Warby Parker is a prime example; it brings the once mundane process of buying eyeglasses in a store to an exciting and accessible digital experience by offering online look-books, sizing guides, and at-home try-ons with clear instructions for purchase and returns.
  • Removing friction. The disrupters identify annoying pain points in everyday processes and then remove them. Uber has come to the aid of pedestrians who can't hail a taxi by sending them cars directly after just a couple of taps on their mobile phones. In addition, providing users with the cost of a ride before the pickup provides the clarity in pricing that many traditional taxi services don't offer.
  • Saving time. The disrupters save consumers time by providing services where and when they're most needed. FreshDirect saves people a trip to the store by delivering an online grocery shopping experience. Fresh groceries right to consumers' doorsteps means less time in the car and less time standing on line.

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Margaret Molloy is the global CMO and head of business development at Siegel+Gale, based in New York.

LinkedIn: Margaret Molloy

Twitter: @MargaretMolloy

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  • by Michael Gough, Sparks Studio Fri Apr 17, 2015 via web

    Great article. I think everyone these days feels bombarded by noise, and the best way for brands to cut through the clatter is to be clearer instead of louder. As a director of a branding agency, helping our clients to simplify, well, is at the core of everything we do. Creating a simple, powerful brand is certainly not easy to do but once you get there it pays dividends.

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