Influence plays a tremendous role in business, but building that kind of trust takes time. Luckily, there are influencers in every industry that have already earned the respect of your potential customers.

When businesses align themselves with the right influencers, they gain access to highly engaged and passionate audiences that, in turn, can become loyal customers.

Although celebrities have often served as brand influencers, the digital age has seen an entirely new types of influencers emerge: subject-matter experts, personal brands, bloggers with dedicated followings, and individuals with large social media footprints.

That change has led to a rise in even more innovative influencer-led campaigns for brands in various verticals, such as food, fashion, health, technology, and business.

Here, we take a look at successful influencer marketing campaigns in different industries and how widely applicable influence really is in each.

1. Skype captures personal experiences with community leaders

Since interactions on Skype aren't publicly available, its team was tasked with finding a way to capture how inherently social its product really is.

Through the Skype Passion Project, the team sought out influencers and community leaders in different parts of the world to connect over shared passions. The influencers—including style lovers, music heads, and foodies—shared the project with their own followers, garnering a ton of exposure for Skype.

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