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Gone are the Mad Men days when we'd throw out messages and hope they'd stick, never knowing what worked and why.

Data-driven marketing has led to smart, effective experiences, and consumers now seamlessly follow brands from screen to screen. The customer journey is tracked, logged, and retargeted. This 2-D world has sufficed... until now.

Humans want to move. We want to leave our phones in our pockets and purses, and wearables like the Apple Watch will let us.

Apple is marketing its Watch as a time saver. The Watch's whole purpose is to give you the choice: pull out your phone or continue doing what you're doing. The more we leave our phones put away, the more we will come to rely on our wearables.

This shift provides a huge opportunity for brands to be wayfinders. For example, Disney early on made the leap to a wearable, Disney MagicBands.

As soon as millions of people have slipped on the Apple Watch, the charge has been set. What will our brands do for us now?

Collecting Data

Data is our first opportunity with wearables. They give us a new source of data that is alive in the world. When data points from wearables are combined with other data sets, the possibilities for creative marketing are endless.

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image of Steve Caldwell

Steve Caldwell is co-founder and CEO of Strap, Wearable Intelligence Software for marketers and advertisers.

LinkedIn: Steve Caldwell  

Twitter: @stevecaldwell