Altrocentrism can be defined as a new and efficient approach of having strong teams with the focus and power less on the leader and more on the individual members.

The name itself gives you a rough concept concerning this approach. It is the exact opposite of egocentrism. This concept may sound a bit scary for a team leader, and yet encouraging for the workers, but before altrocentrism can be set in motion, you need to have enough trust in your subordinates.

Altrocentric companies are, in a way, hierarchy-free. Instead of your goal being to promote your name and striving to become a renowned professional in your niche, your goal is to make every member of your team into a specialist, resulting in some form of minor fame for each of your employees.

Instead of becoming a professional with a team, your company works towards becoming a team of well-known professionals.

Benefits of Altrocentric Method

Here's a look at how companies can benefit by implementing altocentrism.

Financial advantages

Let's assume your product is of higher quality than the one of the rival company but cheaper because your name does not have enough authority to set a higher price. By boosting the profiles of your team members, you are actively boosting the authority of your brand name.

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