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The Three Biggest Challenges of Today's Sales Reps

by Christopher Faust  |  
May 26, 2015

Buyers today are more hyper-educated than ever. Even before approaching a salesperson, they have spent hours researching products and getting a general idea of the solutions available. And though the buyer's role has changed over the years to be more informed, companies have not altered their selling approach.

For a company to be successful, however, its sales approach must evolve.

Qvidian recently released results from our annual research initiative that surveyed hundreds of executives and sales leaders from various industries, markets, and company sizes to assess the changing objectives and challenges facing sales organizations.

We identified three top challenges facing organizations this year.

Challenge 1. Sales Rep Ramp-Up

According to the report, 36% of organizations find "ramping up new sales reps takes too long" as one of the top reasons why their teams are failing to reach their quota goals.

Unlike other roles, sales is one of the only jobs where you hire somebody with the expectation that you'll lose money over the first six months. This results in not only organizations losing money but also in adding pressure to sales leaders.

At the root of this problem is how organizations approach both onboarding and delivering new reps the resources and guidance they need when they need it. The research also indicated that on average, a new sales rep takes 7-9 months to be fully productive.

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Christopher Faust is the chief marketing officer at Qvidian, a provider of sales execution solutions.

LinkedIn: Christopher Faust



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  • by David Lowe Tue May 26, 2015 via web

    As a former sales trainer in the Yellow Pages Industry I found the following problems when I arrived at a company that had a 110% turn over in their sales force.
    Training: It really didn't exist. They were showing new hires a video on how to sell YP. WE used the same video on how not to sell.
    Breakdown of training: The first day was coupled with you joined an excellent company and we're happy to have you join us. The very first day of actual training was on "LISTENING." The first week on recognizing product, the second week how YP can help the business.
    Sales Managers: Each sale manager ran their team like a fiefdom. One they were on board, coupled with the training the sales force began to make money and turnover stabilized.

    Today is see an unrealistic view from management toward expectations from their sales force. Many time sales management is appointed with no sales background whatsoever, they will continue to too spout upper management requirements with out a clue on how to help the sales force.

  • by Sam WIlkins Wed May 27, 2015 via web

    Hi Christopher,

    I completely agree that the buyer of today is well informed one as he is flooded with information. Being a salesperson, I can tell you that traditional selling methods still work after adding modern day varients. this book called Selling to Bigh Companies is a an old classic i read that help me modify my approach while making bigh dollar sales and has a very practical approach to it

  • by Jelazio Acwamu Mon Nov 9, 2015 via mobile

    We apriciet for the information rended to us. Keep it up.

  • by philip asankomah Thu Mar 10, 2016 via web

    very insightful thank you

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